Vision & Mission


  • To provide a strong foundation for the child in education to become a leader in the shifting and changing global scenario.
  • To establish a chain of school where children grow up in the natural environment and where conducive ambience prevails.
  • To provide state-of-the-art facilities to the students to develop themselves.
  • “LEARNING BY DOING” is motto where learning is a pleasure.
  • To mound a child to be society committed and globally competent.


  • Imparting excellent co-education should to live in the global village.
  • Bringing about an all-round development of the child giving due weightage to all the inborn potentialities in him/her.
  • Inculcating ideal values and virtues in children and enabling them to have noble social thinking and way of life.
  • Utilizing the resources of experts in the field of education for the benefit of the generations to come.
  • Providing quality education designed for the all-round development of the child to equip him/her for the world of tomorrow by careful augmentation of his mind, heart, and body.
  • Intellectual, moral, social and professional enlightenment is aimed at by giving special emphasis to virtues of truthfulness, honesty, politeness, industry, simplicity, and self-discipline.