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The most unlikely events can be the most pleasant surprises. Like two perfectly settled and satisfied professionals Sri Shantialji Hastimalji Jain and Kantialji Hastialji Jain, the industrialist and  Banker,  having a  strong ardor of setting up a school with the noble intention of providing a quality education through English medium to the rural population, particularly girls.

It was destined to be superlative since profit was never a motive but passion was. Mr.KailasKantialjijain an accomplished professional, had been nurturing a dream of a school where kids could just be kids and not rote machines, creativity is nurtured and not killed, no boundaries for learning and trying new ideas and kids breathe in a free-flowing, energized environment.  It is a school of 21 century where everyone is inspired to learn and come there because they love it and not because they have to. That, in brief, is the genesis of The Hasti public school and Jr.college  that took its first baby step in 2002, safe and secure from day one; bubbling with energy, wonderful workable ideas, and grit to make it through.

The school has grown from strength to strength and as on date has student strength exceeding 2000 and staff strength of more than 100

It is committed to providing the best quality education to kids of Dondaicha and from villages around, and mentor them to be versatile human beings by exposing them to various walks of life, global best practices, and innovative initiatives thus get them ready to take up challenges of life. Backed on dedication, quality orientation, hard work and passion for the education of The Hasti team, once a dream of just two people, is today, a large family comprising Children, Parents, Staff, and Associates that is learning and growing by leaps and bounds. With several milestones covered & feathers to their cap, the dream & expectations are now far beyond the horizons. The school was open with the only mission and passion to guide young and unpolluted minds on an honest and righteous path. School follows the dictates of the Maharashtra state board of secondary education.

The then small seedling with just 75  students metamorphosed into a shady tree catering the educational needs of more than 2000 children from a wide cross-section of society inclusive of a large number of children from a rural area.

The school is recognized in the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence, distinction and diversity is its two hallmarks of its philosophy. Educational leadership and scholarly achievements its mission

School has earned a distinct place in the academic world by producing 100%  and qualitative results at a public examination for the last eleven years with very high-quality. The school produced most imposing, awfully inspiring fantastic and best result in the history in the year when Siddhi Kailas Jain topped the entire Khandesh region by scoring 100 % at SSC.

Apart from above school is well-known for winning a variety of interschool competition and for record making a performance at science exhibition up to national level. Sports and games are an integral part of syllabus school emphasize on developing sportsmanship, team spirit, and fairness in the game. We firmly believe that there lies a sound mind in a sound body.

The school has well-equipped sports department with facilities for all games ranging from basketball to boxing and from archery to fencing and fro rifle shooting to football and hockey along with different indoor and track and field games. Our school enjoys the distinction of having an excellent 400-meter track with 7 sports teachers expert in various games. children exhibit their skill, stamina.  and toughness and variety of sports. Total number of medals won by the school in the year 2018-2019 is 1094

The students have brought many laurels in sports and games not only at taluka district or division or state but at a NATIONAL level as well.

Best CBSC School, Semi English School, Primary School, Upper Primary School, High School, SSC School, HSC College & Junior college in Dondaicha, Dhule
Best CBSC School, Semi English School, Primary School, Upper Primary School, High School, SSC School, HSC College & Junior college in Dondaicha, Dhule
Best CBSC School, Semi English School, Primary School, Upper Primary School, High School, SSC School, HSC College & Junior college in Dondaicha, Dhule
Best CBSC School, Semi English School, Primary School, Upper Primary School, High School, SSC School, HSC College & Junior college in Dondaicha, Dhule

School life is a very important part of one’s life because it provides an opportunity for study and discipline. Besides these, school life is a preparatory stage for entering public life school plays an important role in widening the out­look of students. Virtues such as perseverance, sincerity, truthfulness, tolerance, discipline, and obedience developed in pupils. School provides an opportunity for the students to be disciplined. They show discipline in the classroom, playground, hostel, and library at other places.

A school is a meeting place for students and teachers. From here, a student learns how to adjust himself with the society at later part of life.

The school life is generally a period of youth. In school, all the students read in a spirit of togetherness. They forget their joys and sorrows. They read together, play together and sit together. In these days their minds contain some youthful dreams which come true as they grow in age.

School is the right place for the fulfilment of youthful desires. Students take part in games and sports, drama, essay competition, song and debate competitions, etc. School also gives the foundation for the budding poets, scientists, writers, doctors, engineers, painters, and musicians. It is in school that the students enjoy the affection of their teachers.

Teachers act as the guides and guardians to guide them on the right path. In school, teachers try to remove the evils from the students by showing some seeds of good qualities in them.

In the library, debate class and in competitions, students get the proper scope to improve their knowledge and style. Above all, in examinations, they try to show their brilliant performance. Thus they get the opportunity to expand their activity. The school has definitely a healthy influence on students. But some students indulge in bad company and get away from the impact of their teachers. Those students miss the charm of their school life.

With the benediction of Res. Kakaji Pappaji and of well-wishers we are sure to march ahead from good to  better  and from better to best for the school SKY IS THE BEGINNING